The Pike Lock Trust


The Pikelock Trust was set up in the year 2000 and is essentially a family run Trust enabling the tax efficient giving of money to a number of selected good causes.

Trust has supported the appointment of various Christian workers at Eastington Methodist Church over a number of years. This helped the church grow and increase its outreach work to the community.

In 2005, the Trust made a grant of 5,000 to the Cotswold Canals Trust to assist in the rebuilding of a canal bridge.

This web page will indicate whether applications from external bodies are being invited.


The Trust supports or may support activities in the following areas:

    1. Christian Work - including mission work and communication of the Gospel
    2. Canal Restoration work - particularly the Stroudwater and Thames & Severn Canals
    3. People related work - priority will be given to Christian run organisations
    4. Heritage Projects


The trustees are:

Ken Burgin
Rebecca Burgin
Raymond Burgin


Correspondence can be sent to: 11 Hillcrest Road, Portishead, Bristol, BS20 8HS

It should be noted that, due to the receipt of a substantial amount of incoming mail, it is not possible for the Trust to respond in many cases.

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